Non – Trending Saints

By Bert Bartlett On October 11th, the Saints had stood toe to toe for a half with the Eagles, including a nifty pair of red zone interceptions by Delvin Breaux and Brandon Browner. In the ensuing 30 minutes, Coach Chip Kelley’s up tempo offense fired precisely on all pistons and the visitors got pummeled by […]

Sean Payton’s Nightmare

by Bert Bartlett It is early next January and Minnesota is visiting the Saints, leading late in the fourth quarter in a playoff, 27-23. With the development of young quarterback Teddy Bridgewater, a productive fall from Adrian Petersen, and a pesky defense, the Vikings have been the rising star talk of the NFC during the […]

Deflation On Airline Drive

by Bert Bartlett Just as Saints fans commenced rest and put good riddance on the inexplicably crappy football season that was 2014, an in house imbroglio rich in speculation and gossip broke to kick start the off season. The match-up is a lot juicer than upcoming free agency and the college player draft. Indeed, even […]

Saints By The Dickens

by Bert Bartlett If the great Charles Dickens were alive today, no doubt he’d be a Saints fan, as this year’s team has illustriously displayed the best and worst of times. On a Sunday night not long ago, the Saints handled the best quarterback in the pro game today, Aaron Rodgers, and dismantled the Packers, […]

Suddenly, Prime Time Saints

by Bert Bartlett Back on October 19th, after a bye week of rest, the Saints were up in Detroit, comfortably ahead by 13 points, having controlled the game all day. The clock ticked with 5:13 left to play. After blowing a flurry of plays, and letting the Lions make all theirs, the Saints trudged off […]

You Can Take That Swagger &…..

by Bert Bartlett About a week ago, Jeff Duncan, who covers the Saints well for The Times Picayune, wrote an article about a sense of swagger emanating around the team in training camp, amidst the Appalachians up in West Virginia. The positive outlook about the team’s talented roster intimated swagger was a Super Bowl ingredient, […]