Old School

by Bert Bartlett The Saints can qualify for only their second Super Bowl in a half century of pro football on Sunday. Easily, the two best teams in the conference will determine it. Here in November, the Saints beat the Rams 45 – 35 in basically a typical track meet. Given the jitters, early game […]

Just What Do We Have Here

by Bert Bartlett Oh, in Cincinnati it had all the foretelling of a trap game. No talking head on cable would have predicted the Saints winning consecutively in the 3 prior weeks in difficult Baltimore, ghostly Minnesota, and drawing off at home against the high flying, unbeaten Rams. Over the years Cincy has beaten the […]

Boogie Truth Serum

by Bert Bartlett In an acute bug year for it nationally, the longer Tom Benson stayed in Ochsner Medical Center with complications from the flu, the less likely it was he’d make it out. His passing elicited sundry reflections, some hallowed civic savior to an angelic reach, a service in St. Louis Cathedral, Second Line […]

In It To Win It

By Bert Bartlett Like politics, pro football these days has a shorter attention span on the daily newsreel. Which is not to say Greater Nola and beyond would like to see the Saints’ festive season conclude Sunday evening. And there is a chance it won’t. Las Vegas set the Vikings at 3.5 point favorites, a […]

If The Flag Could Talk

by Bert Bartlett Well, NFL players have wrought quite the attention to the First Amendment. The Pittsburgh Steelers became the first team in pro football history to not come out of a locker room for the national anthem as scheduled. Ironic, particularly for (just) a game that participants and owners are gifted or blessed enough […]

Quit Rolling Sevens

by Bert Bartlett Handicappers in sports books in Las Vegas, who make a living doing such things, projected the “over under”, or yearly win potential total, for the 2017 Saints at 8.5. The number suggests the team could have a winning season and contend for a playoff spot. This is an eye opener since there […]

Still Concussed

by Bert Bartlett In the spring of 1980, Roger Staubach stood at a podium in a suite in the bowels of now defunct Texas Stadium.  Microphones on sticks extended, cameras clicked, and video machines whirred.  The Captain America quarterback of his day was reluctantly and tearfully announcing his retirement from the Cowboys, wife Marianne at […]